L & T Small Engine Service, LLC Opens In Oak Ridge, North Carolina

Please allow us to introduce ourselves — we are the Wright Family. I am Tom Wright and along with Laura (my wife of 33 years), and our 24-year-old son Justin, we would like to get to know as many of you in our community as we possibly can. We are a close-knit family-run company and we are very excited to bring this service to our community in Oak Ridge and the surrounding areas.

We are very excited to announce our new place of business, L & T Small Engine Service, LLC, located at 2103 Oak Ridge Rd., Oak Ridge NC.

Laura, Justin, and I have been servicing small engines in our community since early 2015. We have been residents of Oak Ridge for many years and we feel at home with all that Oak Ridge has to offer.

We started as a home-grown business that quickly developed into a more expansive opportunity for us. With the community support we have received so far, we felt the time was right to open a new shop in Oak Ridge.

We have been blessed with the many friendships we have already developed and our hope is that you too will feel the same way about L & T Small Engine Service, LLC in our community.

Our business philosophy is simple. We want to provide great customer service with quality work at a reasonable price.

With that said, we believe in ” Keeping it Local” and we welcome you to stop by, have a cup of coffee and get to know us! Laura, Justin and I, would like to get to know you and “We’ll Get You Mowin!”